Chronic Care Management Solutions

During in-person consultations, primary care physicians and nurses can only do so much to help their patients. Physicians don’t know if patients are adamantly following the care plans created for them, how well the patients’ bodies are reacting to the process, and whether or not patients are comfortable with bringing up certain topics in person. This can lead to a lot of gaps within the care plans because doctors don’t have the full picture. Chronic Care Management (CCM) Solutions are ways to streamline this process and allow both the physicians and the patients to communicate to the best of their ability.

The big three ways are:

Increased Patient Care

  • This can be through care done between in-person visits
  • Patients will focus more on their health and learn more on how to not get sick
  • Physicians can see how well patients are following their care plan

Remote Care

  • Allows for patients to quickly find care resources without having to book appointments
  • Breaks down the uncomfortable barrier and allows patients to freely ask questions
  • Allows physicians and nurses to be more focused on in-person patients rather than having to constantly answer phone calls

Preventative Care

  • Enables nurses to check up on patients to catch early symptoms of illnesses
  • Allows physicians to update individual care plans based off of the patient’s health
  • Decreases future costs of admitting patients into hospitals due to missed illnesses

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