Solutions for Medicare ACOs

Our ACO Analytics software will improve patient satisfaction and health while increasing practice revenue.

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Medicare Shared Savings Program Accountable Care Organizations

The Synergy Infoconnect application suite effectively manages operations while achieving significant cost savings and improving patient care.

We are united in the cause to provide superior care for the patients we are fortunate to serve. Synergy Infoconnect provides access to empowering ACO financial and population health analytics, quality measure improvement guideance, regulatory assistance, and a world class support team. Through Synergy Infoconnect’s data and systems, it been proven that we can help an ACO enable the physicians to maximize their time and revenue by providing the best possible care available to their patients. If we can help the patient stay independent and healthy for as long as possible, we have all won.

ACO Solution

Synergy’s ACO data analytics software can help ACOs generate savings by monitoring financial costs, predicting Medicare beneficiary alignment, and creating actionable reports for ACOs and their participants through our BHI, CCM, and Risk Adjustment Recapture tools. The goal of the Medicare Shared Savings Program is to increase ACO Participant revenue while producing savings to the Medicare program by improving the care coordination between ACO providers and care teams. 

Savings Generated by affiliated ACOs

Analytics For ACOs

After four years of continuously cutting down on healthcare costs, Synergy’s data analyzing tools are a tried-and-true resource. We have helped ACOs save an average of 7.88% of their total budget allowed by Fee-For-Service Medicare. In comparison to competing ACOs based in California, we have helped our ACOs stay within the top 5 rankings of organizations that saved the highest percentage of money. This means that our affiliated ACOs have received a total of +$18 million dollars over the course of 4 years. The difference between our affiliated ACOs and other ACOs is that other ACOs have thousands of physicians under their management, while our ACOs have hundreds. If you use our resources, we could help you to bring in hundreds of millions of dollars in extra revenue. 

Hierarchical Condition Categories Module (HCC)

As an organization, it’s important to see how well your physicians are taking care of your Medicare beneficiaries. To help you out, Synergy has a Hierarchical Condition Categories (HCC) module that works alongside the MIPS scores. Our HCC module helps you to determine budgeting for each patient and whether patient costs are appropriate. You can see whether a provider is aptly caring for their beneficiary, or if they are spending too much money on extra medications or services. This can help you to create a more cost-efficient plan for your entire ACO.

Better care coordination leads to more revenue
Health Conditions and Diagnosis History working together

Synergy’s Hierarchical Condition Categories (HCC) module uses beneficiary diagnosis history and demographics in calculating a beneficiary’s current and potential Risk Adjustment Factor (RAF) score to highlight any gaps in documentation. Actionable reports can be produced for individual beneficiaries or in aggregate to improve the accuracy of the beneficiary’s current health status as demonstrated by the RAF score. This fuller picture of the patient’s existing health concerns can aid your ACO Participants in creating a personalized preventive care plan tailored to each beneficiary.  

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