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Healthcare aims to improve quality care and satisfactory patient experience at a reasonable cost. It is well-known that expensive care does not equal the best care. Adverse events such as ER visits and readmissions are often symptoms of care-delivery fragmentation and interventions that occur too late in the disease process. Population health management, including risk stratification, evidence-based preventive care, and early intervention, in combination with care coordination are crucial to improving patient health. 

Our data analytics services empower providers and healthcare organizations, such as ACOs, to manage patient populations based on the best practices. Our goal is to provide you with a product that will aide you in improving patient outcomes, lowering patient costs, and increasing practice revenue.

Ultimately, our solutions will significantly reduce overall population health management costs.

Meet the Team


Michael Blaho, CEO

Michael Blaho


Michael has over 30 years of experience in corporate sales and relationship building, however his real brilliance is illuminated in customer service with a 95% customer retention rate throughout his sales career. Michael has worked for both national and international companies, including several fortune 500 companies. He has frequently secured and managed clients with annual revenues of hundreds of millions of dollars, and has successfully created solutions to fit their particular financial needs, while aiding them in forecasting their futures.

Michael has distinguished himself among his peers by earning numerous awards, such as “Top Broker,” International Salesman,” and “Top Representative in the Region.” Many companies have created specific positions for Michael which are tailored to his unique skill sets — a master at strategic alliances, networking, and customer service. Michael has worked in a variety of industries which have provided him with a broad base of experience to interpret and support customers’ needs. Finally, Michael has spent over 20 years working specifically within the domestic and international medical community, involving sales, marketing, operations, and IT – just to name a few.

Dzung Trinh, Chief Medical Information Officer

Dr. Dzung Trinh

Chief Medical Information Officer

Dr. Dzung Trinh earned his undergraduate degree at University of California, Davis and his MD from University of California, San Diego. He started his internal medicine residency at UCSF-Fresno and completed it at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. Dr. Dzung Trinh completed a two-year Geriatric fellowship at Mayo in Rochester before returning to Fresno to settle down. He is board certified in Internal Medicine with an additional qualification in Geriatric Medicine. He is a fellow of the American College of Physicians. Dr. Dzung Trinh joined Kaiser Permanente Fresno and retired after 26 years of service. As the chief of the Geriatric department at Kaiser Permanente Fresno, Dr. Trinh created the skilled nursing program, the Elder Care program, and the Extra Care program to provide excellent care for complexed geriatric patients. He has worked in the clinic, the hospital, and the nursing home.  He also became a UCSF-Fresno volunteer assistant clinical professor in Internal Medicine, teaching medical students and residents how to assess and take care of geriatric patients.

Andrew Bertran, CTO

Andrew Bertran

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

From a young age, Andrew Bertran was drawn to technology, driven by a natural curiosity about how things work and a passion for innovation. After completing his Bachelor’s in Computer Engineering and Master’s in Software Engineering from California State University Fullerton, Andrew embarked on a career path that beautifully merged his technical abilities with his love for problem-solving. Andrew joined Synergy Infoconnect and quickly made his mark as a Software Engineer, and later as a Software Development Supervisor. He played a critical role in managing IT infrastructure, refining processes, and enhancing client relationships. His unique blend of technical prowess, leadership skills, and strategic innovation significantly contributed to Synergy Infoconnect’s growth during his tenure. As the CTO, Andrew is now setting the technological vision and direction for Synergy Infoconnect. He champions continuous innovation and improvement, utilizing his extensive experience in strategic IT planning, project management, software architecture, and database design. Under Andrew’s leadership, Synergy Infoconnect is well-equipped to navigate the ever-evolving tech landscape and maintain its momentum in delivering cutting-edge solutions.