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Medicare Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) are groups of health care providers who come together to save money for Medicare Fee-For-Service by giving coordinated high-quality care to their Medicare beneficiaries. By being part of an ACO, you get the opportunity to earn extra revenue from Medicare by cutting down on yearly Medicare costs. At Synergy Infoconnect, we offer care and tech services alongside our BHI and CCM programs. By joining our affiliate ACOs, you can have access to our ACO savings benefits, our management staff, and we can increase your revenue through improved MIPS scores and Annual Wellness Visits (AWVs).  

Synergy's affiliated ACO Savings

ACO Shared Savings

Participating in an ACO gives you an opportunity to earn a share of the ACO savings, generated from lowering overall healthcare costs and improving patient care. 

Through the use of our tools, Synergy’s affiliated ACOs have been able to receive a total of +$27 million dollars over the course of 6 years. The differences between our affiliated ACOs and other California ACOs are size and tools availableOther ACOs have thousands of physicians under their organization. This makes it easier to gain lots of revenue from savings, but also leads to a higher risk of losing money due to not cutting costs. On the other hand, our affiliated ACOs have hundreds of physicians, yet their revenue from saving Medicare money is around the same. This means that our affiliated ACOs can spread more money to each physician. So, what makes that big difference? Our Medicare data analyzing software.  

Synergy's CCM and BHI resources

Behavioral Health Integration (BHI) and Chronic Care Management (CCM)

Our BHI and CCM modules allow you to keep an organized record of all of your Medicare beneficiaries, but inputting the data can be overwhelming. With this in mind, we also offer you a team of trained care managers to help you with that work. They are fully trained in data management and tech support for our application. 

MIPS Quality Scores

Medicare highly values correct MIPS scores, but they’re hard to calculate. With our intuitive analytics software, we can do all the calculating for you. You just need to input the Medicare beneficiary data correctly, which we also offer to do with our trained staff, should you opt in for that option. 

MIPS Quality Score
Doctor doing an annual wellness visit with a patient

Annual Wellness Visits (AWV)

Annual Wellness Visits are easy to do, but just as easy to miss. Medicare will only pay for an AWV after a certain date, as that is the “new year” for them. By joining one of our affiliated ACOs, we can keep track of the dates that your Medicare beneficiaries can come in for an AWV and have Medicare pay you. Once the day passes, we can notify you and you can notify your beneficiaries. 

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