Medicare Shared Savings Program (MSSP) ACO Analytics Software

The main focus of Medicare is to provide the best care for their patients. With the implimentation of the Medicare Shared Savings Program (MSSP), Medicare wanted to move away from the idea that “greater cost equals greater value” as that is not always true. The hope of the Savings Program is that physicians will focus more on patient health through preventative care and efficient care plans instead of waiting for beneficiaries to come into the hospital and perform “after-the-fact” treatment.

Better care for individuals. Better health for populations. Lowering growth in expenditures.


Even though this is a good idea on paper, it is much harder to actualize. Physicians can have dozens of Medicare beneficiaries to take care of, so it’s easy to focus only on the health aspect rather than the health and cost aspect. There needed to be a group that focused on the data aspect of healthcare so that they doctors could fully concentrate on the patients. This led to the creation of MSSP ACO Analytics Software.

MSSP ACO Analytics Software reviews patient care data and returns numbers on the ACO’s effectiveness. Every software reports differently, but each of them looks at patient medical history, their primary care physician, and the costs associated with each of them. These costs could be a result of the patient’s care plan, hospital visits, drugs covered by Medicare; essentially all of the costs that Medicare is paying for. The data evaluation leads to actionable figures that your ACO’s management uses to create cost-cutting plans.

At Synergy Infoconnect, we take it a step further. Because we work with many physicians, we have created generalized care plans for a multitude of illnesses. This way, doctors in our affiliated ACOs can get an estimated cost on treatments and they will be able adjust it for their patients. As a result, the management of ACOs will getting clearer pictures on future costs and they will have more time to create plans to lower costs. By producing more information at the beginning of the process, ACOs are able function more efficiently down the line.

Synergy Infoconnect

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