Electronic Records

Your Electronic Patient Records are safely stored in our 24/7 accessible cloud system.

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At Synergy Infoconnect, we keep all of our clients’ data on our secure cloud database. Our drive to bring Healthcare into the technology-driven age is backed by our desire to make Medicare more efficient and more easily accessible to everyone. The use of our Electronic Health Record (EHR) and Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system will enable you and your practice to perform at a higher efficiency rate and allow you to capture more revenue.

Electronic Health Record

Electronic Health Records allow for increased communication between patients and physicians. These records are a collection of the patient’s entire medical history and they have the ability to share it with any doctor that is part of their treatment plan (cardiologist, epidemiologist, neurologist, or etc).


Quickly and accurately prescibe medication to your patients without pharmacies being confused about the exact medication and quantity.

MD Notes

Doctors and nurses can easily jot down notes during check-ups and not have to worry about misplacing them anywhere. As you see the patient more, you can see their progression through past notes.

Care Coordination

With online records, every person that is included in the care plan can quickly coordinate with each other to provide a smooth care regimen.

Electronic Billing

Sending out invoices and billing information is easier with everything being online. All the information is already compiled and you just have to send it out to insurance providers.

Reduced Paperwork Clutter

Having electronic records allows for your practice to spend less on storage and other related costs.

Easier record recollection

Electronic records allow your management team to quickly access patient records and shortens wait times.

Democratizing patient information

Patients will be able to easily access their own medical records and be able to quickly share them with whichever doctor they choose.

Easy communication between physician and patient

Doctors will be able to follow up on patients and make sure they are following their personal care plan, ensuring that the patient has a successful treatment.

Maximize revenue

Administrative duties will be done easily through the use of pre-programed patient forms and auto-populated CPT coding options.

Streamlined administrative work

It’s easy to send documents to Medicare when the due date arrives since everything could be sent with a push of a button.

Integrated Solutions

Along with housing EHR and EMR data, we are able to integrate ACO, BHI, and CCM data to keep all of your patients’ information in one place.

Notified for test results

Patients and affiliated doctors would be immediatly notified of lab results, allowing for a faster care-taking process.